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Hand  Sealer
Pouch sealer

Band sealer

Our hand sealers are suitable for packing liquids, granules and powder. Reliable sealing, high efficiency, low power consumption, small in size and slinky appearance.

  • Suitable for packing granules, liquids, powders, etc.
  • Available at 8", 10", 12", 18", 21".
  • Sealing width 1.5mm / 3mm
  • Heating element Flat / round.
  • Adjustable electronic timer.
  • Audio and visual sealing indicators.
  • Ideal for use in shops and bakeries.

Hot bar sealer for laminated pouches

Band Sealer
Our band sealers are durable, efficient and can work even in complex situations. These band sealers provides very accurate sealing. Band sealers are suitable for sealing granules, liquids, powders, etc.

  • Suitable for packing granules, liquids, powders, etc.
  • Time saving, easy to use.
  • Various models available.
  • Convertibles to vertical/horizontal,
  • Dry ink printing wheel & counting device can be fix it as well.
  • Low maintanace
Leaders in packaging
Foot sealer

Impulse sealer
Our impulse foot sealers are ideal for sealing larger heavier bags, where it is more appropriate to have both hands free. These units come complete with pedestal stand, adjustable work table and adjustable foot control. They are available in 3mm,  5mm sealing wires.

Hot Bar Sealer
Our foot operated hot bar sealers are ideal for sealing multi layer pouches like aluminium foil pouches and these are are available in 12", 18" 24" etc.
Web Sealer
  • This Web sealer machine is suitable for sealing heavy weight products either individual box or bundled box for shrink wrapping
  • This machine can be attached with any variable speed shrink tunnels
  • It is Possible to adjust the to adjust the size and do any type of wrapping.
  • Seals any shrinkable films PP, LD, LLDP, PVC, LDPE, etc.
  • Cater wheel mounting ensure easy movement
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